Exposition 1893

by Sarah Schonert

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Roofhare This is a stunning piano improv story. Each song wraps itself into the next and transports the listener to a time gone by. My favorite track is Bird Over the White City, but not by much. I love this whole album. It is a wonderful note bath for the mind, soul, and spirit. Favorite track: Bird Over the White City.


These 9 piano-only pieces were my favorites of a larger collection of pieces that I created as reflection on the subject of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition (The Chicago World's Fair). All of this work is purely keyboard, piano, except for the bonus track. Each piece was created as an improvisation, so each is very "of the moment." I felt that this helped me to retain some wonder, hesitation, and emotion as an observer of the vast exhibits of the Exposition. Each piece is original and not easily replicated, much like the Fair.

I'm an Illinois native and I love history. I've spent many weekends in Chicago and researching the fair. I own a few "artifacts" of the Exposition, including the original print the artwork for this album was derived from, which was layered and affected like much of my ethereal work (including the bonus track). Each piece has information contained with the track and I encourage you to do research outside of this album to truly appreciate the subject matter.

The 10th was a piece that I felt needed more "oomph," more "Sariphication." I had originally created it as a musical triptych with "Grand" and a piece called "Grander" (not released). This bonus track, "Echoes of Grandeur," is available upon purchase and diverts from the pure piano.


released July 14, 2017



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Sarah Schonert Peoria, Illinois

Sarah is a singer/songwriter and eclectic/electronic producer in the Peoria, IL area. Trained traditionally in piano, Sarah blends classic elements and new ideas, calling her sound Eclectic Electronic.

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